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    Well, over at the myTreo Forum, there is someone who is taking the liberty to see into the Wifi problem in the 650. As of now here is what is going on:

    - The 650 recognizes the SD Wifi Card
    - Establishes a link and connects to the router
    - Navigates but tends to drop the signal

    As many of you read, it takes a lot of work and overall help to do this task, so I invite this community and all other "treonauts" to come and show support to Dimitry so maybe we can get the SD Wifi to work with the new firmwares.

    Paul Days,44052.0.html
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    Old news.. They got it somewhat working long ago, but it wouldn't network properly for some folks. And it required a reset to switch back to GSM.
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    If you read the threads, that is one of the things that is trying to be fixed, taking bits from the newer Treos.

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