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    My company has very strict email policies and only supports Blackberry/Lotus Notes. They do not even offer a web-based email solution - everything must pass through a vpn/firewall. I work remotely and connect on my corp-issued laptop thru a VPN connection which uses RSA cards. I have been using a Treo 650 for 2 years now and I will not trade it for a b.berry nor do I want to carry 2 devices (the treo is big enough).

    Since I have admin rights on my laptop (which is rare), I was able to install Cingular's Xpress Mail client. It did as promised and fetched my email from behind the firewall, forwarding it to my Treo 650. I was happy. But then I started to get nervous. Can my IT dept "see" that I am using a redirector? My company is very large so there must be tons and tons of internet traffic coming through every second, but I am wondering if the xpress mail data packets or the cingular server address could set off IT alarms somewhere. Has anyone been "caught" using xpress mail? How sophisticated are the traffic monitoring systems for big IT departments? If anyone has any experience or insider knowledge I would really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
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    I personally do not think they will notice. I am a Network Administrator and that type of traffic is not important. The only type I monitor is where users visit and the bandwidth of usage.

    Xpress Mail actually will only send a connection to a certain site for it to send your email out. Not sure which site but I don't see a issue on why they would have a problem with this at all.

    The best thing to do is ASK them about it. I would think they would be resonable about it.
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    I appreciate the input. IT's response is pretty staunch - they do not support any wireless email solutions outside of the blackberry due to security concerns. Because they are so tight on corp security, I had wondered if they had the capability to monitor redirector traffic specifically or to isolate it from the torrent of other traffic.
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    Your IT department doesn't know security real well then. They wouldn't be using Lotus Notes. Exchange is the most secure email system you can get. With Push email and SSL and a Treo or any PDA you get over two layers of security. Reason why most companies use Exchange.
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    It's an extremely large company with antiquated technology assets. The cost and disruption that a switch like that would represent is probably what keeps them where they are. Either way, what are my chances of operating under the radar? Has anyone ever been admonished for using a redirector without IT's knowledge/permission?
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    First, I can tell you that your IT folks can isolate your connection in seconds and watch the data going to Cingular's site. (almost any decent firewall can do that) Whether they actually bother or not depends a lot on your CIO and what he or she has decided. Not supporting wireless email outside Backberry is not the same thing as forbidding employees to use alternate solutions. Since your redirector is working, clearly the IT department is not taking explicit steps to prevent it. (if they were, your email simply wouldn't work)

    I'd recommend asking your head of IT for written permission to use the system the way you'd like. That way you'll cover your own **** if someone doesn't like what you're doing.
    Good luck! It's tough to get enterprises to switch to Exchange Active Sync and Windows Mobile/Palm EAS from Blackberry, I've tried!
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    I work for a large company and was using Xpressmail under the radar. I never had any problems with IT. Then I had to uninstall and reinstall all the non-company issued software. When I tried to go to to download Xpressmail, I got blocked from the page. So obviously they didn't want anyone downloading it. Called IT and got the we only support bb spiel. Never really pursued it after that. Just worked around with Outlook redirect and sbcglobal. Not quite as good but it works.
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    I don't foresee this particular company changing their infrastructure or policies anytime soon. I had toyed with the idea of trying to use blackberry connect, but the 4mb footprint on my 650's tiny memory is pretty devastating. Not to mention the 1) cost for b.berry plan and 2) chances of it not working anyway due to encryption incompatibilities and/or the device setting off alarms on the network side.

    It is a shame on Palm that they have positioned themselves in such a way to the enterprise market, and unfortunate for me that there aren't any elegant solutions for situations such as this. If only RIM came out with a wafer thin, all screen blackberry device that I could control with my Treo via bluetooth! That I wouldn't mind having to carry around as a third wheel.
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    As z3bum mentions you should get your company's permission to use something other than what's supported. It may be simply that they don't want to support anything other than the corporate standard. It may also be that there could be severe repercusions for your company if sensitive data (like the kind that can be found in e-mail) were to get lost. While I can't mention my company's name I can say that I work for a financial institution and we have very strict controls not only on what phones are used with our e-mail and encryption software but also on what PDAs (currently none) can be synced. Basically put, if an employee wants e-mail on their mobile device they must use the software we provide which also means they must have a phone that's supported by that software. Anything else could and most likely will, end in the immediate termination of employment for that individual.

    For the sake of your career/paycheck, make sure that what you're doing is allowed.

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