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    I'm a long time treo user, and one of the most useful things for me has been the Memos app (actually, I use PSMemo), because I'm basically carrying around a notepad with me at all times. I built up tons of stuff in the memos over the years.

    I now have an unlocked Cingular Treo 650 with T-mo service, which I got used on eBay. My work had been pressuring me to get a blackberry, and so I got the Blackberry connect software last week, installed it, and it works very well with my employer's blackberry server and T-mo's blackberry service, but I'm *way* into unsupported-land from every perspective, so I'm on my own here.

    What happened, I believe, is that the blackberry sync copied all my memos to my work outlook profile - not what I wanted, so I deleted them in Outlook, and Blackberry dutifully deleted them on my treo - I've got them on a backup somewhere, probably.

    Given my peculiar situation, I'd like to switch to a memo-like application that resides outside the inexorable path of the blackberry/outlook sync, and preferably stores its data on the SD card, since I'm pressed for space with all the new blackberry action. I really like the categories, searching, and quick access of Memo (PSMemo, really) - any suggestions?
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    My IT department took pity on my unsupported *(#! and modified the settings in the BB server to prevent syncing memos, and I pulled the old ones from a recent backupman set, so I'm back in business. As a bonus, I picked up the latest build of PSMemo, and found it to be compatible with FieldPlus, which was the only thing that bugged me about it.

    I'm still interested in my original question, but no longer paniced.

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