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    I have a Treo680 which I am using on the DIGICEL GSM network in Jamaica. I have successfuly been using the treo for years, since the 180.

    In the last week, when connecting to the DIGICEL GSM network I have started to get a "Attaching GPRS" message box. After about 30+ seconds that clears and it goes through the regular sign on process and then cancels itself. As such, I am not able to access the GPRS network at all.

    I have searched on TreoCentral and Google for others who have had this problem and have not been able to identify a solution.

    Does anyone have any ideas ??
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    I had the same thing happen yesterday ,it would show the shaking hands and then just cancel... I did a soft reset and all was well again,
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    I tried a hard and soft reset which didnt work. However, I have just discovered that if I use someone else's SIM card it works. Therefore its not device specific, its probably a damaged SIM card.

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