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    Is anyone else out there using the Motorola Car Kit IHF 1000 with their 700p? I have constantly having a problem with this combination. My car kit works perfectly with about 10 other phones I have used, but with my 700p, it constantly drops the call or doesnt even recognize my phone. The phone is not defective because Ive had 3 700p and they all do the same. There must be an issue with this. I looked at Palms website, and it specifically says compatible with that car kit. There must be somebody else out there sharing my problem. Thanks.
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    I am using my 700p with an IHF 1000 and am having similar problems. Every third or forth time I get in my car my phone resets. Some times it will reset 3-4 times before I can make or receive a call. My Moto V710 worked perfectly with the IHF 1000. I have removed all paired devices from both the phone and the IHF 1000 several times, but the problem keeps coming back.

    I am hoping the patch that is rumored to come out in the next few weeks or months will fix the problem. Otherwise I am likely to trade in (up) to a Moto Q.
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    Correction, the 700p is the component in that setup that is defective. All the 700p's are defective when it comes to bluetooth, and Palm has said they will try to fix it in a software update, but we haven't seen it happen yet.
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    i contacted palm and they said they never heard of an issuse with what i said which i find hard to believe.
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    Both my wife and I use our 700p's with IHF1000 daily and have none of the issues with the Bluetooth connection dropping, syncing etc. She actually uses the voice dialing of the 1000 quite alot with good success.
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    I have a treo700p (with SAG), i am looking into a bluetooth install for my car. Does anybody know if the motorola ihf1000 can stream music through the car speakers?

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