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    I have installed all patches from Microsoft and Good. I wanted to test functinoality, so, I scheduled a meeting on my handheld for 12:00 pm. on 3/15. My Outlook received the meeting request showing a time of 1:00 p.m. (Off 1 hr). This makes no sense..I thought the patches were to fix this. I called Goodlink and spoke to 2 people yesterday and both told me this is by design. They stated on the 11th when the clocks change, those meetings will move in Outlook to the correct time (Magically I guess). Has anyone else tested this? Goodlink cannot provide any documentation stating the scheduling now will show up 1 hr late and then move to be correct. But, Emphatically, they state booking meeting during the 3 weeks of DST will be off 1 hr until the 11th. This is going to cause mass confusion for our end users.
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    I downgraded from 4.9.3 back to 4.8.x I could not stand how the newer GL would force itself to start up and reassign all my hard buttons.

    What are these guys thinking?

    I have installed the Palm DST patch which I hope is good enough to set the right time.
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    I had the same thing happen to me accepting an 11am meeting in GMM that shows up in Outlook at Noon for the 3 weeks in March and then back to 11am come April. I tried changing the date on my Treo, but nothing happened on my GMM calendar. Maybe the CDO.dll on the GMM server will do something magically delicious on the 11th, but I am wondering if I did a lot of work for nothing if the meetings are still 1 hour off...
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    Glad to hear I am not the only person with this issue. I spoke to 4 different people at Good the last 2 days. No one can provide me an explanation as to how the meeting is Magically going to move in Oulook come Sunday. But, they swear it will. Also, they are not publically stating this..nothing on their website.
    So, all be aware..meetings made on your handheld since you installed 4.9.3 will show up wrong to the recipient's Outlook! (1 hr ahead)
    Some advanced tech was suppose to call me and explain how this is all going to change Sunday, but, no call so far.
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    Well it's 6:58 EDT on March 11, 2007 and the recurring meeting I accepted in GMM still shows March 9 at 11am, March 16, 23, & 30 at 12 NOON, then back to 11am on April 5th.

    GoodGuy...has anyone at Tech Support put on their tap dancing shoes yet? I can't wait to hear the explanation for this.....
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    Damianinpa, are you on Exchange SP1? We are & GMS 4.9.3 overwrote the DST compliant cdo.dll 6.5.7234.20 with a NON DST compliant version 6.5.7651.38 when we installed. Per Good technical support that is what is goofing our calendars up.

    They say we can re-run the SP1 Exchange DST fix, but I want to talk to a live body before I try that to insure I don't mess everything up...
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    We are on Exchange SP2.
    I had a user make a meeting request for today and it is showing up in Outlook 1 hr late, same as last week before the DST time change. Also, those meeting made from the device last week for this week did NOT move like Goodlink said. I am on with tech support now.
    Basically to recap, users making meetings on their devices are showing up in Outlook 1 hr late.
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    The issue appears resolved! Here is the fix.
    Check your cdo.dll file and make sure it ends in .61. I ran the exchange server patch upgrade on the Wireless server and it upgraded cdo.dll, but, only in 1 location!!!! Search for cdo.dll and you will find it in:
    program files\exchangsrvr
    program files\exchangsrvr\bin

    You must copy the updated file in the bin directory to the other 2 locations. This was not made public on the Goodlink FAQ, but, it did fix the problem of new meetings today coming into Outlook at wrong times. Meetings made last week still show up wrong, so, they will be manually moved.
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    This fix is for only Exchange 2003 it seems. Is there a solution for Exchange 2000?


    CDO.DLL file version is 6.0.6617.22
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    We are also seeing some strange problems post 11th March using the latest build of GMM client. On Nokia E61 and Treo 750v's we are seeing users with devices in European timezones (GMT,CET) appointments being displayed one hour forward after a soft reset or removal/replace of the battery on the device.
    The appointments were created outside of the US and should remain untouched by DST. The appointments stranglely appear 'fixed' after the 1st April

    It can be remediated by sending yourself an E-mail and scrolling back and forward through the appointments however the Home screen plugin on the 750v needs to be removed and readded to display the appointments correctly afterwards.

    Has anyone else seen this? If this is the case, the users who thought they didn't need to worry about DST have been impacted!
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    cdo.dll only exists in c:\program files\exch... on our Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 SP 2 server. The version we have is later that the one identified above.

    Here is the bizarre twist.

    Only the Good users are affected as follows:
    Some appointments are 2hr off (We believe these are the ones entered on the treo)
    Some appointments are 1hr off (We believe these are outlook appointments)
    Some appointments are correct.

    All of our servers are completely DST patched.

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