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    Occaisionally when I have to softreset my phone and it restarts it takes FOREVER to get back up to speed...almost as bad as the Lifedrive was...anyone else get similar experiences?

    Also, when it pops back onto the set the time page, once I enter the time and hit "done" it seems to freeze for like 30 seconds before it registers the time, and half the time I'm not sure if it's frozen and I need to pull out the battery again.
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    yup, it take about 60 secs before I can use the phone again. Compared to my Treo 600 it does feel forever.

    the set time page also takes some time...but if your phone goes on soft reset I don't think you need to set the time...only when I take out the battery
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    Same here...but it's only about 10 seconds from the "set the time" screen.
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    you think thats long? Try pulling the battery out of a Blackberry Pearl....I can have a cup of coffee while that thing boots up
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    Mine takes just over a minute to reset, but it always goes back to the Phone app. The rough breakdown is:

    Palm logo + loading ~27 sec
    Palm logo ~ 9 sec
    Palm OS Powered by Access logo ~ 27 sec

    No wonder it seems like forever. My T3 took 10 seconds to reset!

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