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    My alerts beeps aren't working anymore. When the time for a calendar event comes up (and reminder is checked) nothing happens. I have gone under preferences to ensure that "Alert Beeps" is selected and it is. What else could be causing this to happen. It is annoying because I can't rely on my calendar to remind me of events.

    Thanks in advance.

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    do you have a third party app (mRing, minitones, etc.) installed. i found out my mRing program was affecting how my phone rang. maybe the same for you.
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    I have third party apps but none of the ones you list. Only things like pTunes, FileZ, Zlaunch. They were installed more than one year ago and the alerts beeps worked for a long time after that. It is really odd and I don't understand what is happening. The phone functions, I just can't rely on the calendar to remind me of events anymore.

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