Starting from about 2 months back, I have helped TealPoint to identify several issues of TealLock with the 680 Phone application by testing many of their beta versions. While they have fixed some of them, I want to let you know that a few major issues still remain in the latest official release (V6.41 and beta 6.44). If you have "protected applications" or "allowed applications", even with 680 "unlocked", TealLock will prevent dialing using the keyboard, Phone Technician applicaiton or the Treo Voice Dialing program. So TealLock is not completely compatible with the 680 Phone app yet and the folks at TealPoint get stuck at the moment. I would recommend that you wait if you are considering getting TealLock for your 680 now. The following is a quote of the latest reply from TealPoint:

"This presents a difficulty for any add-on security app, however, as it also means there is no way to install a third party security app that cannot be skipped with a safe boot. The only workaround we've been able to find is to keep the system "deviceLocked" flag turned on whenever the device is in a "secure" state (locked, protecting, or allowing). After a reset, "Security" sees that the flag is set and locks the device (this tricks it into thinking that the handheld was locked prior to the reset).

Unfortunately, this requires that a few other apps may need to be updated to be compatible with protected/allowing modes. Ideally, these apps should check to see if "Security" or "TealLock" is the current application before assuming that a "deviceLocked" flag means that some functionality should be disabled. We don't have any control over how other apps are written, however, and the new 680 dialer has been especially frustrating. We've been able to fool the 680 dialer into thinking the device was not locked enough for it to be usable, but we haven't been able to trick it on one or two places (such as entering a number when the logo screen is up)."