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    How do I add mp3s to my SD card? I tried doing it with Palm Desktop but it doesnt seem like it supports mp3, only mp4. I dont want to convert all my mp3 files unless necessary. Im sure there has to be a way. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Best way is to use a card reader to copy them directly without going through hotsync. Another option is CardExport II from softick, which makes the Treo behave like a removal flash drive.

    Hotsync should be able to work, but it will be slow. Maybe you're not changing the target of the sync to the SD card, and that's why it will only accept mp4.
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    thanks for the quick reply. yea I ended up just dragging it directly to the SD card..
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    Have you installed all the Palm SW on your PC: desktop, quickinstall..... Also did you put Ptunes on your Treo?

    I have all the "Palm issued" SW installed on a Win2K box (I assume XP is the same).

    On my PC I can right click on an .mp3 file and do a "send to" either the Palm desktop or quick install. I can open the Palm desktop SW and bring up the Quick install and drag and drop files to the card or handheld (sometime some file types give you grief). A hotsync moves them over.

    Also Ptunes suggest that you use Windows Media player to put files onto the Palm. You open media player, select your tunes, then do a "copy to device or cd". I find you need to have the treo connected to the PC, and open Ptunes before Media player will see the treo as an option.


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