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    This forum certainly doesn't have many active threads.

    Just wanted members to know that I was able to (following pics someone had posted long ago) swap out the bad screen I had on one of my Treo 300s.

    The two ribbon cables came off easy and reattached without issue when I released the two clips. One pops up and the other pulls out. A small jeweler's screwdriver was all I needed. (Yet the "pull out" clip may need a bit of "two handed" action so both sides close evenly)

    Sprint for some reason "lost" my replacement Treo 300's settings and the phone needed to be "reprogrammed"... They couldn't activate it over the phone so instead I had them activate my "damaged" Treo and I just swapped out the "lost" Treo's good screen for the bad one and all is right in the world.

    Thinking of a Treo 700P these days... but until my Treo 300 gives me problems I don't see a need to spend the extra money.
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    It's time to upgrade dude.
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    wow treo 300??? that was my first treo! what year that come out?
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    Hey, I still use either of my Treo 180 or 270! (when camera's are not allowed)
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    Got my first one late 2002 I think... After a "discount" rebate because of the "non-upgrade" ability of Sprint's Digital Link (Treo's precursor add-on for the Visor PDA).

    Been on the fence upgrading to the Treo 700P... Looking for the right time/price ... My 300 is still working for me, so I might just wait until it needs another transplant or can't meet my requirements before I dump it. I've replaced a few batteries over the last few years (in three 300s)... Otherwise it's worked well for me...

    If I could stand putting up with "Wireless Web" and the now horribly outdated software and swapping batteries a couple times a day... I could put a Digital Link and a Visor back in service... that probably isn't going to happen but my Treo 300 soldiers on thank you very much.
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    Upgrade brotha. Cmon now.
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    Whats with all this peer pressure?

    I'm seriously considering the 700p upgrade. Might wait and see if the price goes down around the time of the software update in May or see how that goes before buying "new".

    Seriously before my Treo and Digital Link I used a QCP 2700 for some time which when I was using it was already maybe 2-3 year old to start with. People liked calling it a "brick". My Dad is still using it today. It might be pushing the 8-10 year mark... But it works fine for voice.
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    Power to you!!

    I am still on using my 650. I have looked at many other devices but since the 650 does exactly what I need, why upgrade?
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    You will be assimilated.
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    Naw, I'm just kidding. I'm still living in the past (not ancient times though) with a 650. I'd upgrade to the 700 if it could do certain things the 650 can't.
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    I had looked into the 600 and 650 when they came out...

    Looking back I'm glad I didn't go with the 600 or 650.

    Assimilation is inevitable, but hopefully I'll be happy with it happens.
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    you're a better man than me.

    I go jonesing when i can't get a new toy every year.


    New every 2 is killing me- I need at least new every 18 months- LOL.

    Maybe just buy the insurance plan and that way next time it needs a new battery you can call and get "upgraded" to a refurbished 650 or something.

    BTW- I have the same issues with laptops but I just hand down my old ones to my wife, kids, employees, family, etc so it's not wastefull. Used treo's no one seems to want (well my BIL took my old sprint 600- it still had extended warrenty and he got a 700p for it when the battery died.) I'm keeping my old 650 though-it's a reasonable back up incase i get in a bind...
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    Well with the 755p out... I've been looking hard at the 700p again. Maybe visiting on Monday if the local Sprint Store is open.

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