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    I've been looking at a bunch of different GPS receivers on Semson's and BuyGPSnow, and was wondering which GPS receiver was best in accuracy and TTFF that can successfully connect with the Palm Treo 700p?

    I've heard the more expensive Globalsat BT-359 works well with the Treo, but is it the most accurate GPS receiver to work with the Treo? What are some other good options for lower prices that would pair well with the Treo and still have decent accuracy?
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    If it helps, the two cheaper ones I'm looking at are the Holux 236 or 240 (vs the Globalsat 359.)

    It seems like they all have the same GPS chipset, so they have similar accuracy and TTFF, only varying by the antenna, which I would assume would be best in the larger 359. Battery size is an issue, although very slight, and the difference in price from the Holux devices to the Globalsat isn't worth it on its own, nor is the fact that the Globalsat uses BT2.0 as opposed to BT1.2 on the Holux devices (2.0 would be preferred but not necessary.)

    Therefore I'm more concerned about the pairing with the Treo, do all 3 of these keep a stable pairing with the 700p?

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