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    A friend of mine has a treo 750. She has docs to go regular edition which comes standard on the treo - it has it's own registration number. she already has purchased docs to go premium edition prior with a different registration number. how can we can get the premium version installed with the premium registration on both device & desktop?

    we went through hours of a mess. she just did a hotsync when she got the new phone & the registration number on her desktop was for premium & on treo it was for standard. because the serials didn't match it gave a "error - previous version installed". We then got premium version on both handheld & device but the serials STILL didn't match so no go.

    dataviz tech support is attrocious. anyone have experience in this?
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    What I did - installed the V9 premium release on top of the old one, then determined which icon went with which release and made the V8 icon invisible.

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    interesting. there is only one icon though.
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    I'd contact Dataviz. The last time I contacted them they were really helpful. How about removing all traces of D2G then installing the new one? Maybe leave it on the PC at have it reinstall the apps (it's in the menus).

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