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    I'd like to wire a headphone jack into my aftermarket ("Insten") sync cradle. My Treo lives in the cradle when I'm at work, and that's the only time I listen to music. If I can plumb in a jack, I could then use a Bluetooth dongle and quit messing with SAG - I'm still getting skips and other problems.

    Has anyone seen a pinout for the accessory connector? I assume audio is available.
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    Nobody else has wanted to take audio out from the accessory connector?!?
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    Audio does come out that port. I can only give you a run about answer. Do a search in the 700p forums for 3.5 jack. It should hopefully lead you to a link for a guy that shows how to wire a 3.5mm audio jack into your antenna. From that web site I once found a link to another web site that had all the pin outs for the Treo connectors.

    I think last year someone on this site (maybe the 650 or future treo forums) built their own plug in jack for the bottom connector.

    Dig around, the info is there somewhere.

    Good luck
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    Thanks! I'll look for that - I remember seeing the threads.
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    There was a bottom connector that was supposed to connect to audio jack(don't remember the size). The main thing was that you could not charge the unit while using the bottom plug. I purchased this plug from either here or one of the other providers. It did not work on the 700p. I was told that the pin-outs were different for the 650 and it was supposed to work on a 650 not the 700p.

    I would love to get a pin-out for the bottom plug on the
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    I did find this. They say it is compatible with 700p pin-outs but I think they are wrong. However it is a starting point. I wish I had my old oscilloscope, Then I could run a mp3 file and probe for the waveforms on the pins.
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    I purchased one of the indashpc cords just recently and soldered it up to provide audio out and charging in my truck. Not hard really. As noted in the Palm_T5.pdf that indashpc sends as well as the palm developers guide

    Pin 14 is Audio L
    Pin 15 is Audio R
    Pin 16 is Audio Ground

    You will have to connect Pin 10 (TX) to Pin 8 (DGrnd) to singal for the Treo to send audio out via the multi-connector.

    The pinouts are not different on the 700 vs the 650. Just in the 650 Palm didn't require the class-level detection that the 700 did even though it was supposed to have in the developers guide.

    Directly from the developers guide:

    (R)PHL_A_DET Maximum series resistance
    to ground on TX line for
    Audio Peripheral detection
    - - 10K Ohms
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    LOL @ our screen names. I was reading this thinking "I don't remember posting this!".
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    Sorry to bother you, but a lot of people are looking for your solution in other threads (the wording of the threads makes this one hard to find.)!! Can you elaborate on your fix? I have a cradle that has audio out that worked with my 650, but doesn't work with my 700p. I think your solution would work. A little more detail would be greatly appreciated....
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    the signal has to have a minimum resistance or it will not signal the treo to send audio out of that port.

    see the pin out attached as well as the developers guide. I don't understand electrical design enough to get all of this but with a resistor I was able to make it work.

    join the palm developer network and you can get a pdf showing all the requirements. It's too big to be posted here
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    Sorry, but I downloaded and studied the developer's PDF and I'm just not up to the technical level to make this work. Having opened a cradle up and played around, it eludes me what connections and what resistance is needed between Athena pins 8, 10 and maybe 11. I and many others would very much appreciate specific definition of how to alter a Treo 650 cradle to make it detect and support audio from a Treo 680 Athena connector.
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    you could email me the document? The cradle I have has no pin 11 (it's an empty slot) so it may be a problem. I will look into the indashpc connector to see if that's easier. What value resistor did you use?

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