Kind of a general question, but what is the general sense of quality for Motorola bluetooth devices?

I ask because I am going to be installing a bluetooth phone system in the car and I had used the Parrot 3100 in the old car and been very happy, and see now that Parrot has a MK6000 which does phone and also music through the A2DP profile, but it looks a little bulky, and it is slightly more expensive than the pictures I have seen of the upcoming Motorola T605, which does the same thing AND also allows a 3.5mm cord input for music as well as streaming through bluetooth. That's why I am wondering in general what the thought is on Motorola's bluetooth implementation (it is supposed to be BT 2.0 as opposed to 1.2 from Parrot). I realize that at this point, the weakness is my 700p's bluetooth, but I am hoping that is either rectified shortly, or ... there is a new phone I will own which does a better job.