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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmass View Post

    My 700p is now pretty stable, but really no thanks to Palm.
    Ok, just curious, and maybe you mentioned it earlier, but, I've been sick and don't feel like rereading 3 pages worth, but....

    What did you do to yours to make it so stable? Did you rewire it? Add/remove hardware? Reprogram it? How is it being stable not at least partially due to Palm?

    I have a Sprint 700p, and, maybe this is just on the Verizon side, but I haven't had any problems with it at all. It reset once today, while running Phone, but, for I believe the month that I've had it, I think it's only reset once, and that's when I installed either Warden 2.0 or ProfileCare.

    Who knows, maybe I'm in the minority. I do know that most people that are posting on these forums are power users who take their devices to the extreme or those with devices with obvious defects and they're complaining about it or finding ways to cure it. Both reasons are perfectly legitimate. But, for anyone reading around looking for information on the 700p, there are some good ones out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    Why not just get a 650? They are 100% stable when you make your own ROM and they do BB Connect just fine.
    A slowband internet for the price of broadband maybe??
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    Quote Originally Posted by whothehelltook View Post
    A slowband internet for the price of broadband maybe??
    What? Remember that a BB can run only about 1% of the software that a Palm Treo can run. Treos also have touchscreens, better battery life, better keyboards, etc.

    If someone likes the Treo form factor and the thousands of Palm programs available but needs BB Connect for work, the 650 is a great option.
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    I have a 700p, I did not want the 680 because of the slowband internet. Can you have broadband on the 650 when tethered? The Blazer is slow, so I have no idea what it uses. But I also listen XM radio at 64 kbps, which I like. Email downloading is via broadband, that is for sure. Broadband also takes quicker to connect.
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    It all uses the same data radio, XM, email, Blazer, Opera, anything. And no, it's not "broadband" speed. It is a lot speedier than my older Cingular phone, from about a year ago. They may have upgraded since then, but, I never even bothered getting online on that thing.
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    I do not know what you guys are talking about. Are you saying that there is no difference between the Cingular's 2.5 and 3G connection? Or between the Verizon's 1x and EVDO?
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    I apologize, I thought you had the 650. Either way, whatever you're using your device for, it's going to be the same speed. If it's the 700p, when you're tethered, downloading email, viewing webpages on Blazer, streaming music, downloading files, whatever, you're going to be using broadband speed internet.

    Maybe that will help.
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    Honestly, I think I would go for a Treo 750 if it were available on Sprint if I had to dump the 700p today...
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