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    Lots of gadgets, cases, nonsensical foo foo software but this pile of crap still does not reliably work with BT... WHAT A JOKE.

    I have now switched my entire small company, 8 employees, over to Motocrazers: We have flawless voicedialing over a flawless BT connection, with a thousand available contacts, period.

    As soon as the iphone is available... down the road on Verizon we're there.

    After 11 years with the Palm platform I say this...

    Goodbye forever Palm.

    Hank Dean
    Tom Jefferson
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    I feel your pain, believe me, and this is what Plam deserves.

    When you say "with a thousand available contacts, period." do you mean that is a hard limit? If so, is it contacts or phone numbers?

    Good luck post-Plam,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Jefferson View Post
    As soon as the iphone is available... down the road on Verizon we're there.

    You might be waiting a while...apparently VZW refused the iphone because they wanted more control than Apple was willing to it's probably only going to come to VZW after a few years worth of success elsewhere.
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    Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but BT works better on my P than any other Treo I've used in the past. Quite reliable actually.
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    I was having problems with my Jabra JX-10 as well. I just removed the BT pair, then re-pair, then soft reset the 700p. Since then, I've had nothing but success using my headset.
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    I have the motorola h700 and the only problem that I have with it is that if I turn off the bluetooth to use my headset with my ps3 then when I turn back on the bluetooth on my palm and it connects to my headset. I then have to receive an incoming call which is automatically sent to the headset, before I make a call. Otherwise if i make a call first then it won't connect properly with the headset and I have to do a soft reset. Otherwise it works flawlessly, I've only had to pair it once and I've been using it for 2 months now.
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    The initial memory issue on the 650 was universal . . . . it does not appear that the BlueTooth issue on the 700P is. . . . . . . . people have posted with problems . . . . . . and people have posted with no problems in that regard . . . . .
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    My Bluetooth works just fine.
    I use it to hotsync, handsfree in my car with Motorola IHF1000 and Motorola headset.

    Maybe I got a bad phone should I send it in and get one that doesn't work so I can bad mouth Palm.
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    I think a soft reset before the pairing is benificial
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    I used to not have bluetooth problems when I only used a bluetooth heaset. But then I bought bluetooth stereo headphones and have had issues ever since. The 700p doesn't play nice with two devices. To get one or the other working, I usually need to soft reset the phone to get it working again. So I feel your pain - every time I have to reset, I like the phone and Palm a little less.
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    someone suggested to not turn off the BT on the treo (just leave it on) and that has helped me maintain a better bluetooth connection with my plantronics 340.

    Still not rock solid as it should be. And what's with the buzz and crackle from time to time?

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    I had to try several diff headsets b4 I found 2 that worked reliably. The Sony HBH-662 and the MotoH700. I used both interchangeably and they both work fine...not sure what your prob was but sounds like u gave up too soon.

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out...

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