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    Due to impending death of my headset jack.....Looking for a bluetooth solution for streaming audio and taking calls.

    Anyone got those bluetooth stereo earphones to work with Palm 700p?

    LG Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBS-110
    Stereo Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-DS970
    Motorola HT820 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
    Jabra Communications BT620s Bluetooth Stereo Headset

    Any comments on sound/mic quality appreciated.

    Do these support streaming audio over bluetooth with Palm 700p(which doesn't support A2DP) or do you have to use Softick Audio Gateway v1.05? If so, how well does Softick Audio Gateway v1.05 work with streaming audio over bluetooth?

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    check in the BlueTooth forum for a thread titled BlueTooth Stereo Headset smackdown.

    It will answer all your questions. Also if youre going to do this make sure you have SAG installed.
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    A quick yes/no question here. Is is even possible to use stereo headphones with a 700p? I thought the 750 WM is the only one that can do a stereo bluetooth connection.
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    The Verizon 700wx has A2DP enabled by default, and you can enable it on the Sprint 700wx using the files from the Verizon 700wx.

    For the 650, you can use an app called Softick Audio Gateway. However, from what I've heard, the audio skips when used on a 700p. Not sure about the 680 either, but I don't think people have had much luck with it.
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    audio skips on my 700p with a wired headset as often as it does (skip) with my Jabra wireless headset. Wireless is the way to go.
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    Yes you can do it on the 700p with the SAG program

    Check out the BlueTooth forum, it will answer all your questions. Search in there and youll see a ton of useful info.
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    I'm thinking about going to it....but is there any chance that the ROM upgrade (assuming it ever happens) will include a Bluetooth upgrade that will negate the need for SAG? I'd hate to buy SAG and then find out the upgrade makes it obsolescent.....
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    I doubt but dont hold me to it that Palm will include that in their update. Usually their updates handle bug fixes not upgrades.

    With the rumored update being in March, you could try SAG for the 14 day trial and if the update comes in the mean time youll have your answer.
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