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    what parts of a dummy phone are usable? i plan to paint my 680 black and would like to use the keypad from a 750 dummy to match.
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    I bought a dummy 680 to repair a cracked screen bezel. The battery cover on the dummy phone is attached with some very strong blue glue. Using some force, I got the battery cover off. Probably should have heated it up a little. I had to pry out the glued in 1/2 stylus. After that it was simple. Just unscrew four torx screws and pry apart the front from the back.

    The dummy phones have quite a few usable parts including the bezel, keyboard, nav. buttons, sd card cover, side buttons, front cover, and back cover.

    The keyboard MAY only include the keypad and not the circuit board that lies under the keypad. Not sure but the circuit board on the dummy phone looks like a plastic piece that is not functional.

    750 and 680 keypad the same?
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    im not too concerned about the circuit boards. the only thing that i need is the keyboard. anyone else have an idea?

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