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    So i just bought a Treo 680 on ebay and was not warned it had no camera. Does anyone know any way to buy the camera and install it. Looks like you could just replace the piece that would hold the camera. Any ideas?
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    I wouldn't bother. It would cost you more then what it is worth.

    Besides the camera is only 0.3 mpixels so it is not that good anyhow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holvoetn View Post
    I wouldn't bother. It would cost you more then what it is worth.

    Besides the camera is only 0.3 mpixels so it is not that good anyhow.
    I have to agree. The camera phone is purely novelty.
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    I was offered a choice between a Treo 680 with or without a camera when I originally ordered mine through Cingular Business Services...and since they cost the same, I made a decision to go with the camera. I have never used the camera once...and because it is so crummy, I probably never will. Really a shame that Palm didn't step up and put at least a 2.0mp camera in the phone instead of the one that barely passes for a camera in the phone now. I mean...if I ever wanted to take a least it would look good.
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    It's not so much the resolution of the camera but it's a combination of low resolution and shooting through a piece of plastic.

    Why put a 2mp camera in a phone only to shoot through a piece of plastic or in some cases, tempered glass.

    I'd rather see manufacturers give those of us who don't care for the camera a $50 price cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steel968 View Post
    So i just bought a Treo 680 on ebay and was not warned it had no camera.
    Greetings from the other side of the pond, Palm Europe told me today that there is no cameraless 680 available in Europe. :-(

    I need a cameraless phone due to my workplace regulations.

    Maybe I'm too much a coward to buy such a device via Ebay...unfortunately the US Palm store doesn't mention the cameraless 680...

    Any ideas? My next business trip to the States lies far in the future (not before summer 2008).

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    This one applies for "worst customer treatment award"

    ###reply from palm, request is at the bottom#####
    Dear Valued Customer,

    Products sold online at the Palm store represent a wide variety of PDA s
    smartphones and accessories. From time to time, temporary lack of
    inventory forces us to remove a product or products from our store until
    we are able to replenish our supply. In the event that you have
    previously seen a product on our store and cannot find it, please
    contact our customer support team at 800-881-7256 for assistance
    locating the item you wish to purchase. If you are waiting for the
    release of a new product, please check our New Products page at,
    or for the latest news on upcoming products and other events visit our
    Press Room at

    If this automated e-mail does not answer your question(s), please
    contact our Customer Service department using our toll free number,
    800-881-7256. Our Customer Service is open 24 hours a day seven days a
    week to better serve you.

    Please note: This is an automated response to your e-mail. You will
    not receive another response. Do not respond to this e-mail.

    Best regards,

    Customer Support at
    Palm, Inc

    Original Message Follows:


    From: umberto

    Subject: Product Availability

    Order Number:

    Name: Uwe Seidler

    Phone Number: n/a

    Wrote: Hello Palm-Store,

    i live in Germany and had contacted Palm Store Europe about the
    availability of a Treo 680 without camera. They said "Not available"
    although you can read a lot about a cameraless version of the Treo
    available in the US.

    Due to my workplace regulations (absolutely no cameras allowed) I still
    fight with my Treo270 (I've been a palm user since 1997 and didn't find
    a better platform yet!), which has already "given its milk" (build
    together from 2 other treos, red blink of death getting worse a.s.o) and
    I would very much like to get a cameraless 680...
    but how?
    I didn't find the cameraless version in your web store.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Uwe Seidler

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