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    Hey I recently bought a Treo 680 and now I'm having a lot of problems... I originally bought a brand new Cingular Treo 680 and had it unlocked via code from one of the eBay vender's. The phone did unlock and ended up picking up the T-Mobile network, but then the problems began.

    1. Sometimes the phone says "check sim" ... after taking out the battery and putting it back in, it recognizes the sim card, even though all I did was touch the battery and not the SIM. This happens randomly, at work, in my pocket, in the car, it's VERY annoying because I never know if the phone is off or on.

    2. Phone freezes in the middle of talking and need to restart by taking out battery.

    3. I receive a "Emergency Only" when I lose service, or if someone tries to call (restarting the phone fixes that)

    4. Phone restarts sometimes when people initiate a call ... all I see is that someone is calling, then the screen goes blank and the palm start up symbol appears.

    I did a hard reset at least 3 times on the phone, but I honestly do not know what else to do. If anyone has any idea's, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!
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    Maybe a dodgy Sim connection/housing? Check to see if the contacts look clean and if possible, try another sim in your phone and your sim in another phone.
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    It might be worth asking Palm if they would provide you with the tool to flash the rom to the unbranded version. It seems like that might be a more stable solution for you.

    <rant>Locking a Treo is a travesty. If carriers would concentrate on good service at a reasonable price, they would not have to blackmail customers into staying with them. It's like the Exchange Active sync patch... only works on unlocked Treos, not Cingular... why? I mean EAS transmits data on one of two ports, 80 (http) or 443 (https). That's it! Which means it doesn't work because Cingular doesn't want it to! Isn't that bs?</rant>
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    Quote Originally Posted by z3bum View Post
    It might be worth asking Palm if they would provide you with the tool to flash the rom to the unbranded version. It seems like that might be a more stable solution for you.
    Hmm... I'm not sure what that means but how would I go about doing that?? I was thinking of getting a new SIM from the T-Mobile store and seeing if that helps. I've had the same T-Mobile SIM card basically since the black RAZR's hit the market.
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    What he means is to have the phone rom reflashed so that it is an unlocked GSM phone, similiar to what you would get if you purchased an unlocked phone direct from Palm. I don't think that they provide that service. There have been some discussions about flashing roms on here before, but it is something that an inexperienced person should do. One wrong move, and you've toasted your phone.

    I've been using the same Tmobile sim card for over 4 years, and have not had any problems in any of the phones I've had, both Tmobile and non-Tmobile. I've used it in unlocked GSM 650s and 680s as well as an unlocked Cingular 650. Haven't had any of the problems that you're describing. There have been some discussions about the phone hanging up as soon as it rings. Who did you get the phone from? Maybe they were having problems with it before selling it.

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    Palm isn't going to help you change your ROM and the guys here haven't been able to figure out how...yet . Palm isn't going to hand out ROM tools and make it easier for all of us to be able to hack into what Cingular so clearly wanted locked.

    The 680 has SIM issues even with Cingular SIMs. You may want to check into that side of it. Or like ivhs72 said, the seller may have already had a problem...

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