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    Hello everyone

    I am having issues w/ my Treo 650 crashing upon sending word docs via bluetooth file transfer from my mac to my PALM - I open the file & the phone restarts - Does anyone have any clues as to what the issues could be?

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    Are you sending it through Docs to Go or just transferring the file. That MAY be the problem. I've never tried opening one that's already on the card or something, they've always been through DTG. Although, I've never really messed with DTG. Just a thought...
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    Try to email the file to yourself and see if that works. Another alternative would be just to sync the file over to the 650. If those work, it must have something to do with the file transfer.
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    I transferred from my mac 2 the treo & the file pops up in docs 2 go - I see it there & when I click on the file it just goes into restart mode

    email ey? yes perhaps that would work - so weird - i just want it to operate flawlessly haha!
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    Not enough memory might be your problem. Check under "Info" see how much you have. Is it a big file?
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    I had that issue several times. With me, transfer method wasn't the problem, the file itself was corrupted. Something in the formatting that wasn't supported by DTG. DTG doesn't do everything MS Word can do.
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    hmm - thats a good thought - maybe i'll try from another computer - THX

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