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    The EDGE speeds on the treo 680 are the same by the way, Class 10. Except it is the new Palm OS 5.4.9 and the new version of Blazer that are increasing it. Since the Treo 680 packs 64MB usable memory, the cache in Blazer browser is set VERY high.

    It downloads all the static images from your usual pages... Google, Yahoo, BBC, Palm info center, Reuters, eBay, etc. So all it needs to reload is the text! That is why the 244kbps seems faster, it only really has to load half the page.

    I use my unlocked Treo 680 on the T-Mobile network with EDGE, and it is just as fast as Cingulars (at&t). its the Palm OS and Blazer that do the trick. my guess is the iphone will have amazing cacheing also!
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