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    Anyone ever experience this? I have searched but can't find anything. Everyday my Treo resets at 8 AM, a ##377# (sprint) indicates it reset because of LauncherX. I am not sure if it is caused by LauncherX or just a program running through LauncherX. Any ideas? Not this set to auto-update or anything at 8 AM.
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    Install Alarms or PalmInternals and look for any event that's scheduled for around 8am.
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    its your wake up call
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    thanks, I ran palm internals and nothing set for 8 AM. Weird. I does it every morning at 8 AM on the dot.

    I wish that could be my alarm, unfortunately I am on my way to work every day at 8 so I can keep paying for treos and programs to make them do what palm should have in the first place!!!

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