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    Here are a couple of multi-part questions that I have. I would appreciate any help from you guys, and thanks in advance!

    1. Does the call log being large affect the Treo in an adverse manner beyond a longer HotSync? Could I just export my call log and save it on my PC's hard drive or something similar to that?

    2. I don't know if this is just my Treo 680 or if it's all of them or if this is comparable to some of the issues that others have had with theirs but mine seems to lag a lot in the sense that it doesn't really respond anywhere as quickly as my Treo 650 did to application changes, answering the phone, etc.. Sometimes I'll be typing a memo and it freezes up but I'll continue the typing. After a few seconds it catches up completely. I'm still within my grace period at Cingular so I could swap mine for a new one but is this a problem with all Treo 680s or just mine in particular. I don't run any 3rd party apps that run in the background. I've used almost all of my apps on my Treo 650 and tested them all after switching to the Treo 680 and they seem to be stable.
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    #1 I have no idea, I clear my call log daily.

    #2, the lag, has been a reported problem for some users...

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