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    Hello all,

    I am testing a Treo 680 and I have noticed that when I stream music the keyboard light and screen stays lit. If I turn off the screen it stops my music stream and I have to open the browser and go back to the Shoutcast site and reconnect. I did not have to do this on my 650 and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
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    What are you using to stream the music? For me, the music stream opens in Pocket Tunes and from there it plays in the background.

    Maybe without Pocket Tunes, or perhaps the built-in Pocket Tunes (3.x) it streams inside of Blazer or something and it's different?
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    It seems to open Kinoma although I have not installed any software on the device.
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    Mundu Radio beta is not bad... but not many channels
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    unfortunately (i think so anyway) Kinoma intentionally crippled the built-in player such that the screen (and keyboard unless you use kblightsoff) has to remain on in order to play music. You have to buy Kinoma ex 4 in order to play with the screen off.

    If the music is in shoutcast pls format, you'll have to install Pocket Tunes Deluxe in order for it to take over and stream it..the advantage of pTunes being background streaming (ie, stream while you browse the web).
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    Hi i just stumbled onto this thread. I have Ptunes deluxe v 3.1.8 installed on my T680 but when i click any internet radio site be it or even treobits, it plays using kinoma.

    How do i change the settings so that Ptunes is the default player...

    another question where is there no icon for the kinoma player on the T680?

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