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    I just bought a workout case and an 8GB Transcend SDHC card for my 680.
    I have PocketTunes installed and it seems to have the ability to create playlists and shuffle, etc.

    I'm wondering if there is something better out there that I just haven't heard about.

    I did this to avoid carrying so many devices to the gym. My iPod is old and clunky and frankly not worth the iTunes effort anymore.


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    I use PocketTunes, and upgraded to version 4, with the new enhanced skin, which I like a lot. It shuffles, shows the album art, and is otherwise awesome. (And will be awesome-r when they re-introduce 5-way nav! )

    If I wasn't in Canada, with our ridiculous data rates, I would also take advantage of its streaming music feature...
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    I used Aeroplayer for years and switched to Ptunes 3.x because it does a better job playing in the background when I use my GPS.

    Ptunes can also stream internet radio which is very cool.

    I use 3.x versus 4.x because of the smaller memory requirements.
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    BTW- I recently downloaded MediaMonkey, a free application very similar to iTunes or Jukebox, and now use it to sync from my computer to my palm. It works very well.
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    I use mOcean now but previously used pTunes. Honestly, like them about the same. MOcean's interface is neat as it basically simulates an ipod.
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