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    Hello People,

    I swear this is my last Treo. I switched to 700p a month ago because the 650 headphone jack died the slow death by bad design. I use the wired Treo stereo headphones a lot and the daily stress/jiggle on that headphone jack killed it.

    The audio cuts out if the stereo jack is nugled even slightly upwards. It just happened today. I thought this problem was only on the 650.

    Is there anyway to fix this. I have seen the treotricks site but don't want to open the unit. I purchased the 700p 2nd hand but in mint condition with no problems, only this one problem is haunting me since the 650. I use the wired headset a lot while driving.

    Does Palm acknowledge this problem and fix it. I think my 700p is about 4-5 months old(previous owner switched to Blackberry for company)

    Please help,

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    Well, the bad news is I just got my treo replaced by Verizon because the jack thought there was a headset plugged in (there wasn't) and when I had a headset plugged in - the mic didn't work reliably.

    I guess I'll be opening the unit once the warrenty expires.
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    this is more of an issue in regards to how you position the treo as well as the headset plug you use.

    If you treat your headphone like an ipod (basically have the jack pointing up) and get a straight plug (instead of a normal "90 degree" type plug), you'll put a lot less stress on the jack.
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    Have had treos sense they came out 600- 700p use the jack everday never had a single problem.

    THought about using bluetooth?

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    I don't think think these are user error failures, though.
    I baby my 650, and have used a wired headset by carefully inserting and removing. I don't use the right angle 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter. Mine finally went out a few months ago, and luckily I was able to get it working again by reinserting the jack. Now, I just don't use the jack.
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    Here's a fix for the 650 jacks which will likely apply to the 700 series
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    GET THE INSURANCE!! Then, you don't have to worry about it. However, you are right. It is absolutely ridiculous that we are still dealing with this obvious design flaw that was carried over. I really wish there was a good alterternative to the Treo.........
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    this has been covered so many times. Can we move the search button to the middle of the page?

    FYI Once your warranty expires you can still get replcements via Verizon for $50.
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    Q: Will Palm ever fix the headphone jack problem?

    A: No.

    Please make this a sticky, Septimus.
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    Well, with the marvelous rock-solid Bluetooth connection that Palm has so brilliantly designed into the 650 and up - hardly anyone needs to ever use a wired headset on a Treo except when they want to "go retro." Right?


    oh. You say the Bluetooth randomly de-pairs on this $650.00 phone? 8 or 9 months and counting without any firmware fix.

    Well... you still have the speaker for music and phone calls (people LOVE that on the bus). That is, *IF* your headset jack doesn't screw up and toggle the Treo to think it's still connected when it's not...

    Well, it's pretty obvious why Palm put all their attention into making the battery life smaller in the present Treos rather than installing a standard audio jack at the top of the device. Maybe Palm gets a great price for spare batteries and replacing the headset jacks in the returns and doesn't want to screw up a huge profit center.

    It's that same "out of the box thinking" that gave us the musical-chair like rearrangement of the hardware buttons on each successive model. "People like change".... except when it would actually
    improve things...
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    and why are we still stuck on a 2.5mm jack? how come we can't get a standard 3.5mm jack so i don't have to use a clunky adapter for my earphones? right now the adapter weighs more than the earphones!

    can't wait to dump palm and POS...
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    Any loyalty or sympathy for Palm is gone because they fail to address basic hardware and software issues(headphone jack, firmware updates etc). Verizon refuses to fix/replace unit(since I am not original owner) even though unit is obviously under the one-year warranty.

    Is there anyway I can get this fixed without paying a $199(Palm fee) penalty?
    I feel that problem is well documented and such a design-flaw should be fixed no-questions asked.

    Apple came clean about Ipod battery in their early gen. machines after class-action lawsuit. What will it take for Palm to address pressing concerns? Perhaps when each and everyone of its loyal users turns their back on a deaf company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence View Post
    and why are we still stuck on a 2.5mm jack? how come we can't get a standard 3.5mm jack so i don't have to use a clunky adapter for my earphones? right now the adapter weighs more than the earphones!

    can't wait to dump palm and POS...
    Which do you want to use an adapter with? Your stereo headphones for listening to music or your wired headset to use for the phone.

    Lets face it, the standard for wire headsets for phones is still the 2.5 mm jack. Until the industry as a whole moves (I see the forced move to BT before a move to 3.5 mm), then it makes no sense to move your phone to a jack that doesn't readily have headsets available to it without adapters.

    Isn't the iPhone doing just that? 3.5 mm for music headphones but forcing the user to use BT for the headset.

    On that note I did find a really nice Jabra stereo headset but the impedence of them were not enough to allow anything more than single channel on the Treo.
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    I'm on my 3rd Treo 700p just for the headset problem alone. For those who say it's not a problem are the one's who don't use the wired headset as much as the "I be pisssed at the problems with bluetooth headsets on the 700p" crowd and resort to using the wired headset.

    I just heard there's going to be a 750p coming out which I gaurentee will fix the problems we're having to some extent. And that's our very expensive "firmware" fix.

    In other words, I'm starting to distance myself from the loyalty I've had to Palm for over 10 years and will be welcoming the iPhone when it comes out this June. Don't care that it won't have high speed at first.
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    Yep, must be the headset. Despite the fact the my wife and I both have had our Treos replaced twice because of the headset jack not working.

    Firmware update, who needs an update? Not me.
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