Hello People,

I swear this is my last Treo. I switched to 700p a month ago because the 650 headphone jack died the slow death by bad design. I use the wired Treo stereo headphones a lot and the daily stress/jiggle on that headphone jack killed it.

The audio cuts out if the stereo jack is nugled even slightly upwards. It just happened today. I thought this problem was only on the 650.

Is there anyway to fix this. I have seen the treotricks site but don't want to open the unit. I purchased the 700p 2nd hand but in mint condition with no problems, only this one problem is haunting me since the 650. I use the wired headset a lot while driving.

Does Palm acknowledge this problem and fix it. I think my 700p is about 4-5 months old(previous owner switched to Blackberry for company)

Please help,