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    I used Snappermail for about 3 years until I switched to Windows Mobile (Treo 750.) I really miss snappermail. Nothing nearly as good on WinMo.
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    I've been using Snapper for 3 years and have been happy with it also. I've tried chatter but went back to Snapper.
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    what does menu/preferences/storage auto task time: x:xx

    what is that for?

    i have remove mail older than one day and save new mail to card
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznmode View Post
    I've been using Snapper for 3 years and have been happy with it also. I've tried chatter but went back to Snapper.
    Been using Snapper for years now (since the Treo 600 first came out) and I'm still using it on my 700p. I tried Chatter myself but there was something I didn't like about it, I forget why. But I know one issue I had with Chatter was that it drained my battery super fast. Maybe Chatter was conflicting with another app? I dunno. But I do know Snapper is best for me.
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    I tried them both and liked Snapper just a hair better. I think both are fine and it's a matter of which one feels good for you.
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    I started with SnapperEmail then ChatterEmail. It took me about a week to become comfy with ChatterEmail and after that, I only look at SnapperEmail when a revision comes out, which has been a long, long time.

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    I think you can eliminate the delay between receiving and reading the first email by changing the preferences to receive into ram, and then store messages older than .... days on card. and do that at 3:00AM.

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    I used to use Snapper on my 300 and 650 and I liked it a lot. I tried it on my T700p, expecting much faster attachment downloads, but found it was still slow. At least 8 times slower than Versamail. So now I am using Versamail for the download speed, but I do miss Snapper's well-designed interface.

    I corresponded with Snapper on this a long time ago, and we ran a bunch of tests. We even found that, for a given attachment, the 650 was actually faster than the 700p! Snapper acknowledged that the downloads were slow and did not offer anything help that since.
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    Does it give you an account summary like Chatteremail, so that you can check multiple accounts and see all the new mail on the one screen?
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    snappermail can download all your email at once, limiting your network connection and u can have it all in one folder, but doesnt seperate it nice with colors like chatter

    i used snapper with my treo 700p and the download speeds were snail pace

    but the other point to look at is that chattermail has restrictions on what u can download, i like the feature with snappermail that u can download entire message if u like, chatter limits u to 400 lines with pop3 and line 48000 lines with imap, why limit us is my ?

    maybe that is why the speeds were so different being that chattermail limits u to smaller sizes...

    currently i am back to chattermail

    if snappermail would update and improve i would def try it out again

    snappermail i feel is a glorified versamail and chattermail is the mother of all mothers... if u are a business man with many accounts i would say chattermail

    if u are mostly checking personal email snappermail has a more fun UI

    i also hate that snappermail only offers midi sounds for u to be alerted with, wow.. talk about a need for an update
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    I've used Snapper since my Kyocera 7135 (AllTel version activated on VZW before they offered it). Back then they offered a lifetime upgrade version, which I have. It wasn't cheap so I've just stuck with it rather than spend any money on any other program. I didn't use it much for a while after upgrading to the 650, but for about the past year I've used it to check my IMAP mail every 30 minutes during the day (using the 650 and now the 700p). It has worked great for me with only a few complaints. Sometimes it tries to fetch mail while I'm doing other things, which varies from being annoying to causing a crash. They've promised background operation in a future version. Another problem is that I can't open a draft message on my IMAP server and edit it and send it. I can only open it for viewing. I no longer use it for my personal email (.Mac IMAP) because that account gets so much junk mail and Snapper has no filters. I have the account in there but only check it manually when I absolutely need to.

    I downloaded a trial of Chattermail for my mom to use and it was nothing but trouble. I was shocked by the terrible interface in comparison to Snapper.
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    I have been using Snappermail on a Verizon 650 and now a 700. Never had a problem. Their forums are great and they seem very responsive. I started to use it have my mail pulled (which you can't do with versamail) and have never looked back.
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    doesnt the new versamail offer push email?
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    No, it does not. Ben
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