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    I get the following error message when I try to synch:

    Outlook Calendar
    - Desktop overwrite HH Sync

    I have searched the forum and most answers say to have desktop overwrite Palm. I have done this to no avail and end up with a calendar that is 95% full but not quite (for example all my Wednesday appts are missing).

    Help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!
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    I had a similar problem and most palm support answers state they are looking into the error... kinda lame...

    Here's what I did...

    Back up data (i.e. backup man, is amazing!) just in case, Hard Reset phone, add-remove palm desktop from pc, re-install palm desktop, sync, add 3rd-party programs.

    So far I have been syncing properly.

    hope that helps
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    Pretty draconian!
    This all started after a hard reset and restoration. However, I did not erase the desktop.
    Is that what people think needs to be done.

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