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    OK .. I've been programming (setting up) appointments in my calendar. Up until today, all seem to be going well.

    Now when I turn on my 650 ... the date shows up as 1/1/04 vs 3/5/07??

    If I advance through the calendar to 3/5/07 .. all the data entry is in the right place ..

    What happened?

    OH .. and it's 1904 . not 2004??
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    go to preferences and reset your calendar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphwg View Post
    go to preferences and reset your calendar.
    Thanks .. after I first posted .. I tried that .. it still displayed 1904??

    Now after I went outside .. and turned on the phone .. the correct date came back? I'm in a shielded building .. NO signals get in or out, so I turn the phone portion OFF.

    Today .. with phone OFF .. the "date" and "time" appear correct (so far)??
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    Maybe you went through a time warp...

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