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    I once had a Treo 180. I had a voice plan but no data plan. I could easily connect to the internet using my Earthlink dial-up service & it would connect as a phone call to the Earthlink servers, it used my cell minutes.

    When I got a Treo 600, Cingular locked this feature out. Obviously this is to force you to purchase their data plan. I did not.

    Is this feature still locked out of Cingular 680s? Is this feature available if I buy an unlocked 680 from the Palm store?

    This question is NOT about using the Treo a laptop modem.
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    I spoke with a Palm sales guy on the phone. He says that Cingular & Verizon are able to lock you out of this feature even if you have an "unlocked" phone. Palm must really be in bed with these companies to make that possible. I mean, the phone should be able to call your ISP & Cingular should not be able to even know if it's a call to a person or a fax modem. That means Palm would have to design this phone to take some kind of order to disable this service. I'm not yet 100% convinced by the sales guy.

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