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    The physical Ringer switch on top of my Treo is broken
    (the little tab snappd off)
    - Is there a "SILENT" app out there that could take it's place?

    Something which could be accessed with, say, Button Launcher, and which has a big button on it to switch the ringer from Silent to Sound-On and back?
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    Two ways of doing it.
    1) phone app./ options/sound preferences/volume=off/
    2) side volume key down or up.
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    If "profiles" (a palm app) will work with your device, you could set it up with a silent profile. When you switch to that profile, your phone wouldn't make a sound.

    For this reason I hardly ever use the switch. I just normally switch profiles. The profiles manage other settings besides sounds, so it is nice for customizing your phone for particular situations, like meetings or whatever.
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