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    Right now I have a treo 700p on verizon wireless with pay per kb (don't use internet) but on my account on I was wondering if I added mobile web 1.0 or 2.0 for 5/month would that work? is it some loophole in the system?
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    If I understand it correctly, the answer is no. Mobile Web is for non-pda phones to provide web access.
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    Correct - Mobile Web is NOT available on PDA plans. I believe that it is associated exclusively with phones that operate on the BREW operating system.
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    When I bought my 700P the customer person told me I had to keep my mobile web. I told her that makes no sense, I'm buying an unlimited data plan, I no longer need mobile web. She finally looked it up and said I was right.
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    I was paying mobile web on top of pda data service, and the verizon customer service agent said it was unnecessary. we took it off the account. that was 2 months go, and nothing has changed with heavy data usage. so i agree with pool_shark and say away with mobile web for pda data connection plan holder--save your $5/mo.
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    The thing does not work at all with the Treo. I learned that the hard way back in my Treo 600 days. I paid about two months of that service since the phone rep sold me that their Mobile Web was good with any Verizon phone. It took me a lot of trouble and several calls to customer support to get the fact straight that the Verizon Smartphones are out of the Mobile Web experience.

    Talk about oblivious sales representatives. They will most likely sell you text messaging services when you buy their PC cards for data...

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