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    I have a Treo 650 and I've been running TomTom 5 flawlessly for over a year. I was thinking about upgrading to TomTom 6. Is it worth upgrading knowing that "if something can go wrong, it usually does"?
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    I think any difficulty you "might" have with TT6 will be easily overcome. THat seems to be the case with most posts I've seen here. The bigger question is, do you need the updated maps. I went from TT5 to TT6 and while TT6 seems a bit more stable, the major difference is with the maps. Have the places you are likely to go stayed pretty much the same since TT5? I got the upgrade for $50, so it seemed like a small price to pay to have the latest data.
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    I would agree, it is easily worth the $50 upgrade price for the new maps and updated POIs. The maps come with Nav6 but I don't believe you absolutely have to upgrade to use the new maps. However, I did and there are several new features (expecially the ability to search POIs without selecting a specific category) that outweigh any issues with the upgrade process.

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