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    I want to set up a camera to work like a baby monitor to watch the horses when we're trailering them. I'm want to install a wide-angle color/IR dome camera in our horse trailer, and use either wireless or hardwire connection to the Treo to view the camera from inside the truck. Not sure yet if a transmitter or converter will be required in between.

    We have a brand new Treo 750, but I'm new to Windows Mobile.

    If someone could explain a little bit about what apps already exist, what kind of performance (full screen 24fps?) the 750 can display, by what interface, that would be immensely helpful. If anyone is interested I will come back and post what I've learned.

    Thanks for your time.

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    If you look in the slingplayer thread in this section, TR describes using his slingplayer to do surveillance on his house. This probaby doesnt apply to you, but worth a look for ideas. My guess is that you would want a bluetooth cam of some sort that the treo would recognize. Since you are only going from trailer to cab, my guess is that BT range would be okay for you. I use 700p so now sure on the 750's BT capability.

    I know that doesn't help much, but maybe its a start for ya.

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