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    I have been looking around and doing a number of searches, but have been having a hard time finding resources that have the details I am looking for.

    I have a 700p and would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for how to extract the ROM image when using a Linux based OS to talk to the device? I really don't want to have to install Windows just to manipulate ROM images and so forth.

    I noticed that pilot-xfer seems to have some tools for trying to get a ROM, so I thought I might poke at that. For some reason, I'm having trouble getting the pilot-xfer stuff going, even though opensync works...

    Update: pilot-getrom does not work with the 700p with the following message:

       Unfortunately, Palm changed the underlying protocol used to fetch ROM
       images from the handheld in a fatal way, and accessing them with these
       tools will cause the Palm to crash.
       Future versions of these tools may be updated to work around these
       problems. For now, we'd like to avoid crashing your device.
    Mostly just looking for good links and resources here for Linux Treo hacking/programming. Thanks.
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    Good luck looking for answers, I posted everywhere/everything I know about the bootrom in the forums, and no one has yet answer them.
    Especially confusing is the bitpim part, where I can't get it to work

    The bootloader uses WindowsCE kind.
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    There was a linux rom project for the 650 that was looking pretty good. I stopped following it months ago and lost the link. I am sure some google research would turn it up. Might want to check that out.
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    Can you get into the bootloader and use the rom2sd command to place one on an SD card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RawsonDR View Post
    Can you get into the bootloader and use the rom2sd command to place one on an SD card?

    I have that, its 32mb file. Contains all the IPL, SPL, TPL (Inital, secondary, tertiary boot loader) (using dd in linux to extract it then chop it off at the 0000000's). I had uploaded the file back in Jan but nobody seem interested (only 2 downloads)
    This contains "strings" of the v1.40 700p rom/0.14 bootloader. in the last page of 700p ROM & ROM Tools
    But how to extract files or reflash it to change providers. I don't want to brick my phone so I haven't try anything yet.

    650 bootrom is DIFFERENT than 700's. 700 bootrom is based on WindowsCE/HPC?, because of 700wx. I think both bootroms (700p/wx) are the same. So any programs written for 650 will not work.
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