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    Hi folks,

    I please need help on the following topic: My 680 shows ALWAYS the full battery with the green flash even it is NOT connected to the wall charger!!! The battery level always is indicated 100% ... during the whole day ...
    When I come home at night and connect the 680 to the charger is does NOT load the battery. When I remove the battery and replace it (while connected to the charger) it starts reloading ... this is driving me mad!!!

    I did not find any solution for that on the forum ...

    can anyone help please or do I have to send it in for repair?

    thanks for reply
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    Sorry to hear that, but thats not the battery issue most are having. I myself have the common problem, that is not holding a good charge. Honestly it sounds like you might have to contact your provider or use that 1yr warranty (if your still under it) You may have a dud....Sorry

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