I have search for a while on this subject and I've found a couple topics. However in each case the poster's questions have gone Unanswered. In most postings the replying "helpers" end up repeating the same question, saying "Mines is working fine! Bye!", or worst yet bickering over grammar or specifics loosely related to the topic. I'd like to avoid that here.

I'm starting a courier co in a city I just move to. Until I can spring for GPS I use Google maps and or Kmaps. Kmaps worked ok till about a month ago, at the time I had 650. Now I have a 700p, Hurray for warrenty replacement. Kmaps still not working.

I'm pretty sure my problem is not the device but my settings. So if u could clue me into some working settings. I would really appreciate that.

Google maps is good but there's a lag because I claims to "store" and reuse tile. technicly it does not. GM still reloads the tiles sometimes refreshing them from the web. So ultimately, its slower than KM.

I'm getting a "throwable error" and tiles with no pictures when I try to use kmaps. This behaviour has occured on two devices so I think it the farmer not the tractor.

Please help.