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    Hi guys,

    I need to access my PC from Treo. My PC is connected to internet thru local network, and it has a permanent grey IP like 192.168.xx.xx. Because of that I cannot connect to it directly from the internet. Is there any service that can help me?????????
    I tried Win-Hand Anywhere and it works, because it creates somethink like VPN with their server. But this service is a not free (with a monthly fee). I do need the access too often so I do not think a paid service is a good idea. Is there any other options I can connect to my PC using Palm software like Mobile TS or Palm VNC? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.
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    Forward the VNC port from your router to your PC.
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    But I do not have the access to router, it is a provider who owns the LAN and provides an internet access.
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    use orb 2.0
    it will let you access music, docs, movies depending on what folder you give it access to.
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    You could try Business Connection (Sprint) or Express Mail (Verizon); both will provide access to your computer as long as it is on and connected.
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    Or WinHand, which was just updated this month with new version.
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