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    I"m back .. it's been a long long time. Formerly called "inqui-Z-tor", but with PC crashes .. I lost my password. So I'm back as NQZTOR.

    Anyway .. my Treo600 "died" the other day. Sprint replaced it with a Treo650 (since I had insurance). Now I'm looking for cases.

    I've noticed that magnets are used for securing (closing) on many of the flip-type styles. Do the magnets pose any problems with the phone electronics?
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    I had many cases with magnets and never had a issue with them and the Treo electronics
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    Nope, magnets will only be a problem with devices using magnetic media (floppy disks, hard disks, audio/video tape, credit cards). Treos doesn't use any of these, so a magnet won't be a problem.

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