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    Every two or three days I'm getting the message "Can't connect to desktop". When I check my desktop redirect client, it's still green but the "disconnect" button is gone and when you pull down the menu, the "connect" option is there - which means I'm not connected. So, I go ahead and reconnect and it works fine again...for a couple days. This has been happening constantly since the last software upgrade. I've tried re-installing both the desktop client and the palm client to no avail.

    Any other ideas?
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    I suffered for about two years with BCS because it was the best thing out there. I had continual problems with the redirection client and it was a big problem because I was always out of the office and my secretary could only check it during work hours in her time zone.

    I believe that you are not getting much response because most people have moved on to the superior solutions that are available right now. I don't know what kind of email you are accessing but there are great options out there now.

    1. Chatteremail - Push Email for Exchange, IMAP, POP (I use this)
    2. Versamail (It works)
    3. Blackberry Connect (if your enterprise uses BB)

    Check these out if you get the chance. I was glad I made the change.

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