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    Problem I am having, I did a search and can only find a situation when a program is stalling the hotsync but mine is at the when it is cleaning up and said it will end in a minute butit never does. I have to ctrl-Alt-Del to get out of it. My log says it ended fine and all the data is there but it just hangs on finnish and never ends. Anyone hear of this and a solution ? Thank you.
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    At what point do you notice it stalling? Normally it will stall on the PIM. Consider a search for "DBScan," which may be obtained from

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    Is your Backup conduit set to Handheld Overwrites Desktop? If no, change it.
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    I will give that change a try. It finnishes everything and just does not leave the screen when it says cleanign up .
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    The conduit setting is a for sure check and in some situations when memory is tight it does take a while for it to complete the cleanup process.


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