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    Just moved from a Treo 600 with Goodlink for my office e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc. to a Treo 680, also with Goodlink.

    On my 600 I could set up "Favorites" in the phone app for friends and family and assign individual ringtones, photos, etc.

    I tried to set up the same thing on the 680 in the Palm "Contacts" section. I set up my wife as a "Contact", assigned her pic and ringtone, then called my phone from hers. It displayed her phone number and name from the CID, but didn't play the ringtone I assigned to her, just the Cingular default ringtone, and didn't show her pic. It appears as though it is pulling the Goodlink contact info rather than the Palm "Contacts" info/settings.

    This wasn't a problem on my 600. Does anyone know how I can have the Palm "Contacts" info supercede the Goodlink contact info?
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    Any help would be appreciated.

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