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    On my 700p, the On Demand application just started hanging with a white screen any time I went into it. It has worked for months - then after I set the weather application to update every 12 hours it will hang no matter what.

    I've tried deleting all the OD_ files and anything else I could think of that would be related. Then I reinstalled, went through the initial set-up, and it did it again.

    Any ideas?
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    Some other application might be interfering with it. Try and remember the last time it was working properly and narrow down the applications added since then. I had this problem with OD when i first got the treo 700p because I just loaded everything from my 650, but once I did a "clean" install OD worked, although i don't use it now.
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    how did you reinstall OD? I deleted mine and cant find the PRC to reinstall it...
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    I haven't installed anything in weeks. The only software I have on my Treo is Chatter and Resco Explorer and those have been on there forever.

    The only change I remember making was setting the weather channel to update automatically. The next morning my phone was crashed.

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