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    I'm quite happy with ZLauncher on my Treo-650, but quite a few people have mentioned PowerRun. Is it possible to have BOTH of those apps installed at the same time, or will that create conflicts? (I really don't want to "test" it because my Treo is working perfectly at the moment!)
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    Have and use both. Mainly because I haven’t decided on if I am going to keep Zlauncher as my main launcher yet. All my apps that I keep on my card are done with PowerRun, and those links work just find in or out of ZLauncher.

    I don't think one work any better or worse then the other. However I decide to keep and use Zlauncher then there is no need to keep using PowerRun, it will just be waste of space.

    While I like how pretty Zlauncher can make things, especially when combined with PalmRevolt, I still have trouble navigating around with it.
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    The two launchers are in different categories. ZLauncher has more whistles and bells than PowerRun. As a basic launcher PowerRun does very well. If you want to customize, then ZLauncher is the choice. They both do the same basic job very well which is launching applications.

    As a note, ZLauncher handles multiple Creator IDs, PowerRun does not.

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    Thank you very much for the advice - and the clarification. I had no idea the two programs were that similar. I have already purchased ZLauncher and it has been a great help. I'll stick with it.
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    what is the latest stable build and version of zlauncher

    i keep having resets and when using crashpro it states that zlauncher 5.43b1
    fatal exception

    i downloaded the latest version from thier site, why is the b making me think its a beta, i do not want the beta version but the stable version

    if i go to about in zlauncher it shows me v5.43
    build 070201

    am i using the latest stable version?

    using treo 700p
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    5.43 is the latest. If you look at the dates in the ZIP files of it and the beta, 5.43 is later.

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    i am still getting occasional resets with zlauncher, are people locking zlauncher in resco locker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    i am still getting occasional resets with zlauncher, are people locking zlauncher in resco locker?
    I actually ended up putting it in my custom ROM quite a while back, and if I remember rightly, resets due to it were part of what inspired me to do that.

    But I just looked over my ResetDoctor log and I'm still getting "Fatal Exceptions" while running ZLauncher.


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    i dont get this application then ... why it causes so many resets
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    i dont get this application then ... why it causes so many resets
    ZLauncher never resets for me. What makes you think it's ZLauncher? Crash log tells you so? Or it actually crashes while you're using ZLauncher?

    Sounds like bad prefs or something to me, unless it's a localized crash (italian vs English).
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    crashpro points the finger at zlauncher ---->
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    For a while I did lock ZLauncher with Resco Locker, though it has been a couple of months since I stopped. Have you taken it up with Ken from - he is fairly quick with responses.

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    i wrote them and he keeps telling me to load new version and he sends to me, and its the same version that i have 5.43 , crashpro shows 5.43 b1....?

    i installed release 5.43 over beta version so maybe some stuff is still laying around, if i delete and reinstall how would i be able to keep all my preferences, all the tabs and all the settings i have spent months setting up?

    and i am guessing that they are never addressing the sound issue with power on and off, that it keeps repeating
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    I have mentioned the sound issue at least three times and that is the only issue I am having. Good luck.


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