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    Hi all,

    I just received tomtom 6, I installed the home app on my laptop. When I go to install it on my 680 I plug in my 680 to the USB cable and hit My device it says no compatible device found.
    My device sync's and charges just fine with the cable otherwise.
    I have attached the bluetooth GPS receiver to the phone and all is well there.

    Any advise here from anyone?
    I have looked around the tomtom site and founding even close to that issue.
    Going to send them a mail now as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try putting your SD card in an SD card reader. Put the reader in your computer and start TT Home. Install TT directly to the SD card then put the card back in your Treo. It's not totally clear from the instructions, but you can't install TT to your Treo by plugging the Treo into your PC. Any updates you wish to install will need to be done the same way (via the card reader).
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    thanks for the response.

    Since I posted the question I started to mess with installing the prc file from the explored CD.
    I was able to get it installed on the palm but when i run it, it says that the card is ejected, error #2.
    The tomtom folder is not created or the munich is file is not on the disk.

    Anyway, I try'd the above suggestion but same thing device not found.
    When I click on my device it shows a picture of the nav unit and says you must connect using your USB cable and turn it on.
    The picture is not of a phone though it's of a full GPS nav unit.

    thanks agian, any other suggestions would be great, as I am sure you can understand I am really wanting to get this going.
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    When I installed using a Mac, I could not install TT Home from the DVD but dowloaded it from the TT website instead. Next I attached a card reader with a newly formatted blank SD card in the reader and the TT DVD mounted. When I started TT Home, the program saw the install files on the DVD and let me select whichever I wanted to install. You need to install the application, your choice of maps and one or more voice files onto the SD card. Finally, insert the SD card into the TREO and TT should start up by itself. This seems to be documented not at all, I learned how to do this by calling TT help line. I would guess that if you have TT stuff on the TREO from your previous efforts, you'd best delete it before starting over.
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    I can't follow exactly what you are asking, but I do know this: if you are using the TOMTOM GSM device (but see below about the other "device" that may be missing in your situation), you probably have to install it to your bluetooth first as a trusted device. I think the code is always 0000 or 00000 for that device. Would that help you?

    The rest of the installation on your pc may be a bit troublesome as it was for me, but not impossible. I think what I had to do was remove all the tomtom stuff first before I installed from the CD and it finally worked. If I didn't remove everything it didn't.

    Finally you cannot use the TOMTOM PC application unless your SD is somehow connected to the PC. IT is best to use a card reader; I fortunately have one in my PC so I just plugged the SD into the pc and it worked like a dream. But otherwise I found it impossible to connect up the "device" (which is really the carde) to the PC.
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    thanks all for your help.

    It's installing right now. The first time I installed it I didn't have the card in the system, I just installed the software.

    Once this is done I will follow the instructions on the palm update for tomtom 6.

    thanks again.

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    I just received the reply (when installing tomtom 6 over 5):
    XXX is a correct product code for TomTom Map v6.6 North America.

    You now need to find your device code. This code is displayed on the screen of your handheld device when you start the application.

    but it's not there - I had to take my SD card out of my card reader and put it in my treo 650 gsm to look for my device code when I start TOMTOM - treo asked, so I installed new start up - but no code is there. I need this for Monday, and won't be able to reach TOMTOM on the weekend. HELP!
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    It should be on the card you received when you bought the new version. Sorry, no, that's the software code. The device code does usually display when you run the program for installation.
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    well, while I had no luck finding the device code, I tried activating it online again, and it worked this time, not sending me to!!!!

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