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    Hello All,

    Well after a few months with the Cingular 750 I am back to the unlocked Arctic 680. I got soo frusterated with Windows Mobile today and said SCREW it....Now I have my chatter back and the ease of the Palm OS....YEEEEEAH! I am happppy for now

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    So what were the weak points of the 750? Just that it was Windows, stability, what? Just curious.

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    I tried the 750 and I hated the OS.

    Welcome home homie!
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    Well I have both and as I've said in the 750 forum, this isn't religion to me so I am trying to give the 750 a chance. Here are the main +/-'s for me so far:

    + Vastly superior one-handed operation
    + Chatter
    + 320x320 screen when using TomTom6
    + Works with many of my 650 accesories (docks, GPS cradles, etc.)
    - BT stack sucks...I cannot even use a BT headset with my 680 reliably
    - No true multi-tasking

    + BT stack works well
    + UTMS
    + True multi-tasking
    + Nicer looking user interface (to me anyway)
    + Easy sync with my Exchange server (contacts, calendar....not just email)
    + Rubberized feeling case....and overall sturdier feel to the phone
    - Infererior one-handed operation
    - Doesn't work with any of my old 650 accessories (docks, GPS cradle)
    - mini SD card is unstable...even folks with 2GB cards seem to lose them (WM5 doesn't recognize the card) requiring a reboot of the phone
    - Email is woefully inadequate for my needs
    - I didn't think it would matter, but the 240x240 screen makes TT6 look like a&& compared the 680
    - Dialer app is laughable as well - the built-in 680 dialer smokes the 750 IMO...nevermind something like TAKEPhone as I've not found anything like it for the 750.
    - Overall the 750 is a PDA first, phone a distant second

    I had to use TomTom yesterday so ended popping my SIM back into my 680 for the trip. Boy it was nice using Chatter, TAKEPhone, and TT6 on that thing again....stable, smooth as silk to use....very nice.
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    WM sucks, I sure hope palm sticks around.
    Cingular 680
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    I almost went to the 750 but with no Chattermail equivalent, couldn't take it. Actually ent back to 650 though because 680 battery life and lack of LED control made the 680 a "620" for me.
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    First full day using the 680 again and how refreshing it is. I gave the 750 a chance as I have been using it since the day it came out. The screen on the 680 is FAR superior, and I didnt realize how much I missed chatter. Also I can actually use my SD card now, as the 750 would never see it. I dont use the internet enough to miss the 3G speeds yet.....Ohh ya and my telenav looks soooo much better on the 680.
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    I described my 750v experience here, and now I'm back to PalmOS (and I'm happy!).
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