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    Hi folks.

    I'm using Vista Home Premium (Vista ain't as bad as everyone makes out !!!) - and have just purchased a Treo 680 here in Oz. Great phone, but unfortunately when I've installed Desktop off the CD, it's causing issues.

    HotSync is fine (as is the Outlook 2007 conduit update), but if i was to use PD to do any synchro, etc - i'd like to be able to use the program.

    Palm helpline (overseas, of course) was no help, and they even suggested going back to Windows XP (yeah right..).

    Anyone got a solution/workaround ? I can't get it running with the phone attached or detatched.
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    I downloaded the desktop from the Palm site when I installed it on my laptop running Vista Home Premium and other than Outlook 2007 (do not use Outlook), the other features work.

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    I'm using the downloaded v4.1.4 with Vista now and it more or less works after a bunch of testing. v4.2 should work as well.

    "Quick Install" though is not going to work until they update it. Watch the Palm Vista page for more info on the updates and compatibility:

    If the Palm Desktop is freezing on startup, you need to turn on "User Account Control" (which everyone almost always turns off first thing with Vista).

    If you can't stand UAC turned on, download TweakUAC which allows you to run it in a "silent" mode:

    I HotSync through Bluetooth, so I haven't had any problems on that end.

    I hope this helps!

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